Ultra-Light Sniper BDU Jacket

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Ultra-Light Sniper Ghillie BDU Jacket
Made in the USA
Choose from six BDU color patterns, and four different Ghillie colors.
  • We use Industrial sewing machines to sew a knotted 1" x 1" nylon netting directly to a Military BDU 4 pocket coat.
  • Our Synthetic thread is directly hand tied to this netting.  The sewn on Synthetic thread covers the entire back of the jacket and sleeves, and has an attached hood.
  • On the front of the jacket and sleeves, we sew a 1000 Denier Cordura Plus fabric.  This allows you to slide and crawl on the ground over rocks and through mud with ease.  The Cordura has a urethane coating which is water proof so you won't get wet while laying down for hours, or waiting for your prey.
  • 1" wide Nylon straps are sewn to the inside of the sleeves as thumb loops, so when you're crawling, the sleeves wont ride up your arms. 
  • The front jacket buttons have been removed and Velcro has been sewn on so you won't feel the bumps when crawling.
  • The Hood is build the same way we build our Ghillie Poncho by hand tying the thread to a 1"x1" netting, and then sewing this to the Jacket. This design allows you to stay cooler, allowing the wind to pass through, and also allows for better hearing.
  • By using a netting on the outside of the BDU's, you can add natural vegetation while out in the field.  This allows you to change your colors by adding sticks or leaves.
  • All our Synthetic thread is 
  • Fire-retardant  *Water-repellant  *Rot Proof  *Mildew resistant  *Non-Allergenic  *NO UV-Brighteners
  • CORDURA Colors.  We only use 3 colors of Cordura.  Standard Woodland, Day Desert, and ACU.
  • Standard Woodland used on: Woodland, Digital Woodland, & MultiCam BDU's.
  • Day Desert used on: 6-color Desert & Digital Desert.
  • ACU used on: ACU
(Actual weight for Medium Regular jacket - 3 lbs.  Boxed Weight 4 lbs.)

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Be sure to check the size chart when placing your order.

These units come in 4 different Ghillie colors, 6 different BDU patterns, and 12 different sizes.  Each item is built to order.  Build times may take up to 5 business days before shipping.  We offer size exchanges with a 20% restocking fee,  and since each item is hand build, there are NO refunds.

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