Titan 3D Leafy Face Mask Mossy Oak patterns

Break-Up Country
Price: $29.95

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  • Mossy Oak Obsession - NWTF color, and Break-Up Country
  • ALL IN ONE: Full cover 3D camouflage leafy face mask. A generous opening that is convenient for people with glasses.
  • BENEFITS: Hunters move their head and hands more than any other body part. No matter how hard we try to stay still we still need to maximize our ability to stay undetected when that time comes when we do need to make a move. One advantage this 3D face mask has over camouflage face paint is its ability to break up your human outline. Face paint may help you blend into your surroundings but it doesn’t do anything to eliminate the profile of your face.
  • IDEAL: So simple yet so effective. The mask itself is fully adjustable and the face mask also features two straps to help snug the mask to the back of your head.The metal nose piece contours the front to fit your nose. Then you use the two cinch straps to snug the mask to your face.  When your done just stuff the leafy face mask back in the included stuff bag. This is a great hunting accessory which can be worn when turkey hunting, stalking game from the ground or when still hunting from a tree stand.
  • SIZING: One size fits most –2 adjustable straps – great for men, woman, kids
  • GUARANTEE: We take pride in every item we sell. If you do not like this face mask return it no questions asked. What really matters to us is that our customers are happy !!

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