Four pieces - Jacket, Pants, Hood/veil, rifle wrap

Light weight "Stealth Suit"

The StealthSuit Ghillie Set is an entire ghillie suit which includes the following:

- Ghillie Jacket
- Ghillie Pants
- Hood with Face Veil
- Ghillie Rifle Wrap

This complete Ghillie Suit Set won't slow you down. You can camouflage your back, torso, and legs for an upright stalk. The StealthSuit Ghillie Set is manufactured from ultra light-weight, synthetic burlap material. The entire StealthSuit Ghillie Set weighs in at under 3 pounds, making it a highly mobile suit. Suit is water resistant, mold resistant, and non-allergenic. This exclusively offered Ghillie Set by StealthSuit includes a pull-over jacket, hood with face veil, ghillie pants, and rifle wrap/rag. Waistband is draw-string. Woodland pattern shown.

Available patterns: Woodland only

Sizes: Medium/Large (up to 52-inch chest and 42-inch waist)

Price: $88.95
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