Head Hunter Scents - Curiosity Attractant

DeeR Nip Curiosity Attractant 8 fl. oz.

DeeR Nip is a unique blend of ingredients used to entice a deer by stimulating his huge appetite through the sense of smell. Because it is a food attractant this product is effective all year. Its sweet aromatic fragrance is propelled over long distances, in excess of 100 yards and attracts both bucks and does. The product was originally developed by a trapper to attract coons and foxes to traps, but he was unable to use it in this original form because the deer kept setting his traps off. We field-tested this product for two years before we introduced it as DeeR Nip in fall 1994. This is the best attractant of its type on the market today. Apply DeeR Nip in its paste form to a scent wick or small piece of thin cloth (4”x4”) and hang it on a tree limb in your shooting lane, paying close attention to wind direction as it is carried on air currents. After hunting, place the wick in a zip lock bag until you go hunting again. This method makes the product reusable and thus hunter friendly. The hunter can also apply DeeR Nip to the sides of trees, leaves or tall grass in the area to be hunted. Wicks or trees may be freshened between hunts. 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. DeeR Nip has also been proven to attract elk, moose, caribou, bear and even hogs. 8 oz. (paste) P.S. Also effective when placed on decoys.

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