Blood revealing reagent

"Blue Star" Blood revealing reagent

BlueStar will help you in the dark to confirm your shot as soon as darkness has set in and recover an animal that has fled 100 meters away or even more.

Formulated after a special formula dedicated to criminal investigation to help search for invisible blood trace evidence on crime scenes, BlueStar offers the hunter an efficient, easy to use solution, safe for himself and the environment.
(Destroys DNA — Use only for hunting)

BlueStar Hunting - Kit

This kit contains an 8 oz. slimline sprayer bottle, 2 pairs of tablets in their foil packets, and a comprehensive user's guide.

The BlueStar Hunting Kit allows you to prepare one or two 8 oz. doses according to the desired dilution. (Optimal results are obtained with 2 pairs of tablets for 8 oz. of water).

BlueStar Hunting - Refill

Each box contains 4 pairs of tablets wrapped in foil packets.

One foil packet of tablets is sufficient to check your shot (diluted in 4 oz. of water if used at full strength, or up to 8 oz.).

For a search covering a 100 yards distance, use the 4 packets diluted in 16 oz. of water, or up to 32 oz.

Has this ever happened to you ? You are invited to hunt deer in a friend's hunting area. Shortly after nightfall you see a shootable Buck moving through the underbrush. Before it disappears you are able to get off a shot, however the deer did not react to the shot ?

At the end of the hunt you take your flashlight and start searching for blood to confirm if you hit the deer. However, the rain that has fallen after you had shot has eliminated all traces of blood...

The animal may be laying dead within a 100 meters. But you are not sure you even hit it ? That alone makes for a sleepless night, knowing also that you'll have to return the next morning.

Today, BlueStar will help you in the dark to confirm your shot and possibly to find the animal or make arrangements for a bloodhound the next morning.

Price: $19.95
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