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Finally, a smooth, easy to apply/easy to remove camouflage face paint that is comfortable to wear. But CARBOMASK does much more than just help you blend into your surroundings. CARBOMASK is a waterbased gel suspension containing ACTIVATED CHARCOAL and various pigments that actually 'adsorb' human odor and facial oils. CARBOMASK is applied in a thin coating where the exclusive formula draws out skin surface secretions from the pores (oils and odors) and into the microstructure of ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. This dry, non-occlusive surface remains active for hours cleansing and absorbing human odor.

CARBOMASK contains no oils or grease but is a water base gel so it goes on smooth, drying quickly to a comfortable, non-reflective surface. You never get that clogged up, crusty feeling common with other face camouflages and it is easily removed with plain water (soap just takes it off easier). CARBOMASK's unique formula is also good for your skin as it does not clog or interfere with normal pore activity. CARBOMASK actually purifies and stimulates the skin when removed. CARBOMASK works so well, you may want to have a few extra tubes available for the woman in your life to use as a facial.

Patent Pending formula contains ACTIVATED CHARCOAL that actually absorbs human odor and facial oils. Has undergone rigorous field testing involving strenuous activity in high temperature, high humidity environments. Has also been evaluated while canoeing, hiking, fishing, sleeping and even field and track activities where it demonstrated superior comfort and wear. During these test it was noted that perspiration travels completely through CARBOMASK without interruption or affecting coverage or it's odor/oil absorption ability. For use on all exposed skin. Keep away from eyes and mouth.

Sold individually,  one (1) Ounce Tubes

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